Slow Fashion Made From Deadstock Fabric,
In Cape Town, South Africa.

About Us

Studio Candor is a proudly South African sustainable clothing brand

Created For The Growing Market Of Ethical Consumers.

Who Care About The Environment And Equality

It Is A Movement Towards Slow Fashion.

That Provides Affordable And Inclusive Pieces.

Unlike Most Commercial Retailers And Greenwashers.

We Use Deadstock Fabric To Lighten Our Carbon Footprint.

Our Mission Is To Create A Global Brand Awareness That Balances Fairness, Transparency,

&  Mindfulness Towards The Green Fashion Revolution.

We are taking a stand against the effects the fashion industry has on the environment by emphasizing sustainability & transparency at the forefront of our business model. We believe that the glass is only half full when acting on one of these qualities without the other. It makes sense to have to do the process mindfully, as well as demonstrate the process being done, mindfully. That is what this business intends to prove. In this way we can all give back, and slow down in a world that constantly demands quantity over quality.

By using deadstock fabric, we are able to eliminate waste from perfectly good materials that may have otherwise been sent to landfills. We are working towards filling a slow fashion niche that falls outside of the bracket of boutique and fast fashion, by offering reasonably priced items that are inclusive of all genders and income status. The lifecycle of the product is carefully considered in the creation process and employees are paid a fair and living wage. Our solution is a holistic approach to an industry that has long been burdened by exploitation.

Marginalizing customers is a common practice in fashion. Whether that be for the colour of their skin, the shape of their body, their gender, or even their income bracket. Candor seeks to diminish this by actively being diverse. We keep our prices low, so that our products are accessible to most, we keep the variations in our models ever-changing, and we define ourselves by setting trends rather than following in others’ footsteps. The big objective is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in our clothes, both mentally and physically.


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