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Candor Coffee is an all natural 100% African blend of beans. Our beans are grown on our beautiful continent and sourced from various coffee producing regions. Some of the regions are Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Rwanda. Our flavor profile is rich in chocolate and nut with fruity accents such as cherry, citrus and pomegranate. Our coffee is a medium roast which provides a well balanced blend with lots of flavor.

250g makes roughly 10-15 cups of coffee.

Candor Coffee became a reality after the coffee gods aligned & connected a few good people with a similar vision. Our mission is simple, to create & provide the best coffee experience & to do so with candor. We set out to create a coffee brand which emulates the same ethos of Studio Candor; Honesty, Transparency, Sustainability. We always aim to produce the highest quality product & one of the ways to do this consistently is to use beans that have been sourced from various regions. This way we are able to maintain our high standard of product and service which results in you having the best coffee, all the time.

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3 reviews for Candor Coffee Bean 250g

  1. Almé

    I never used to drink coffee, but this coffee made my day, literally. Earthy undertone and delicious.

  2. Tristan

    Just a great cup o’ coffee!
    Candor’s coffee is pleasing to the eye, enticing to the nose and damn tasty to the taste buds. For me the most important things are an identifiable flavour and a lack of that burnt taste, and this coffee elegantly ticked both those boxes 🙂

  3. Vuyo

    Always a joy hanging out at Candor! Ashby and her team are constantly thinking of cool ways to make the shop even better. Really love the recently added indoor cafe space. They have vegan bagel and muffin options! So in awe of this creative space. I swear every corner is insta-worthy. And the vibes are so awesome. Best playlist ever.

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