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Look at that sweet smile! Sabrina runs the show when it comes to making big decisions, she’s seasoned in everything there is to know about running a factory & we often find ourselves leaning on her guidance. She believes, “if you […]

Machinist & Sample Hand

Ohhhh baby ! This women is a certified firecracker. Trust me, if you’re doing it wrong – she’s gunna clap ya right back into place. Baby’s favorite song is “walk on the wild side” by Lou Reed. She is strong […]

Cut & Trim

This is Rene, despite the film pic not doing her justice – I myself am still trying to figure out how this women hasn’t aged a day since she turned 25. She is a mother of 2 children and works […]


Ester knows what she’s doin’ and if you got something to say about that then you better be pretty damn sure you know what you’re talking about. She’s gotten the better of me to many times to count, must be […]


Loretta, Loretta, Loretta this chica must have been a track star in matric because YOH she’s fast. You need something done, and I’ll tell ya, it gets done lickity split! Likewise, her motto is “get it done and then comes […]